Wheel Alignment in Jacksonville

Does your vehicle require a wheel alignment in Jacksonville? Smart move: regular maintenance is vital for steering and suspension components, which wear out over time and ultimately have to be replaced.

When you want convenient opening times, fantastic savings and knowledgeable Smart Service technicians who can breathe new life into your vehicle, look no further than your local Tires Plus Car Care in Jacksonville.

Travel straight and true

If you're worried about the uneven tread wear shown by your tires — or if your steering pulls to the side — the time is right to arrange a comprehensive Straight Forward Alignment Service at your closest Tires Plus Total Car Care. We'll gladly examine all relevant systems and take every step to get your car or truck back to its best condition. Our technicians will:

For superior products, quality servicing and budget-friendly prices, you can trust Tires Plus Total Car Care. Arrange an appointment today and find out how we put the PLUS into everything we do.