Vehicle Safety Inspection in Fargo

A proper vehicle safety inspection in Fargo doesn't just help to keep your ride in great shape: it can also eliminate the need for expensive repairs further down the road. The friendly Smart Service technicians at Tires Plus Total Car Care can provide you with a systematic inspection of your vehicle's most crucial systems, including brakes, steering and suspension.

Take a proactive approach to your vehicle's health: have it regularly inspected at Tires Plus.

The proactive approach

From brand new cars to classics, regular check-ups are the key to a smooth running vehicle – and nobody knows that better than us. Every time you visit us, we'll be happy to visually inspect a variety of components for signs of trouble, including tires, suspension, belts and more. And when you choose to receive our Complete Vehicle Inspection you’ll have over 50 components tested, including:

Getting a thorough vehicle safety inspection in Fargo is the best chance you have to avoid any underlying issues before they become costly problems. Start with an appointment at your local Tires Plus Total Car Care and find out how our Smart Service technicians can take stock of your vehicle's overall health.