Vehicle Safety Inspection in Fargo

A proper vehicle safety inspection in Fargo can be the difference between a smooth running vehicle and expensive repair jobs. Tires Plus Total Car Care's courteous Smart Service technicians are standing by to carry out an exhaustive inspection of key parts and systems, like brakes, steering and suspension.

Without due care and attention, small problems can quickly escalate - so ask our professionals about a proactive, cost-saving approach to maintenance.

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Whether your car is brand new or a classic, regular check-up are the key to keeping your car running like a dream – and nobody knows that better than us. For that reason, we perform a visual inspection every time, including your tires, suspension, belts and more. And when you choose to receive our Complete Vehicle Inspection you’ll have over 50 components tested, including:

Tackle issues with an in-depth vehicle safety inspection in Fargo and discover how we can help you prevent future problems. Turn to Tires Plus Total Car Care today and book a quick, convenient appointment with our Smart Service technicians for a comprehensive health check.