Oil Change in Columbia City

Is it time for your regularly scheduled oil change in Columbia City? With Tires Plus Total Car Care, we provide a full line of both synthetic blend and full synthetic oil services that are competitively priced and work for both you and your vehicle’s needs — all without breaking the bank.

Don't let your engine break down prematurely — ensure optimal engine performance and durability by getting your oil changed on a regular basis.

Keep your engine protected

If you are experiencing low oil pressure, constant overheating in your engine or ignition issues when it comes to starting your car in cold weather, it may be time for a professional oil change. As it gets old, it begins to breakdown and becomes polluted with toxins that can eventually cause major damage – which can result in costly repairs. When you schedule an oil change with Tires Plus Total Car Care, you can expect to receive speedy service, helpful advice and the motor oil that's best for your vehicle.

Ageing motor oil can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Get proactive and start protecting your engine by booking an oil change at your neighbourhood Tires Plus today.