Car Battery in Lebanon

A reliable car battery in Lebanon is the key to a dependable, strong-running vehicle. Tires Plus Total Car Care offers Interstate Batteries, quality services and prompt results — not to mention outstanding value for money.

Our Smart Service technicians in Lebanon undertake a free battery check with every appointment, so call to arrange yours now!

A critical component

Without a functioning battery, you simply won't be able to count on your vehicle to be reliable. That's why any battery that is over three years old requires testing for cleanliness and safety – and replaced, if necessary. When it's time for a check up or even a replacement, count on your nearby Tires Plus Total Car Care and we'll ensure that your driving experience is smooth once again.

Your vehicle won't be slowed down by an unreliable battery as long as you have our Smart Service technicians on your side. Book a check-up now and discover the ways in which we can add years of use to your vehicle's lifespan.