Car Battery in Council Bluffs

If you want a vehicle that runs reliably, you'll need an equally reliable car battery in Council Bluffs. At Tires Plus Total Car Care, we don't just work with great products to keep your car in great shape: we also work hard to get your car back on the road quickly and at an affordable price.

We'll check your battery for free whenever you visit us in Council Bluffs, so contact us now to arrange a convenient appointment time.

A vital part

The key to any vehicle's reliability is a properly maintained and functioning battery. This means that the battery should be corrosion-free and in a clean condition, so batteries older than three years old should always be checked. When it's time for a check up or even a replacement, count on your nearby Tires Plus Total Car Care and we'll ensure that your driving experience is smooth once again.

Battery problems shouldn't slow you down, so our Smart Service technicians are dedicated to getting you back on the road as soon as possible. Our care can help your vehicle's heart keep beating for years to come, so book an appointment and stop by your closest store to find out how.