Brakes in Pompano Beach

Looking for dependable brakes in Pompano Beach? The Smart Service Technicians at Tires Plus Total Car Care are standing by, ready to meet your needs while making sure your car stops as it should.

Braking is fundamentally important, so when you need repairs or new parts installed, arrange for a FREE brake inspection in Pompano Beach and we'll help to ensure that your car, truck or SUV is able to stop when it matters most.

Why is braking so important?

Because your vehicle's brakes are its most crucial safety system, you should have them inspected at the first sign of any problems - or at least once a year to ensure their effectiveness. When you need peace of mind, Tires Plus Total Car Care is on your side with repair services that will keep your brakes working like new. Our wide-ranging services include:

With Tires Plus, you’ll find a team of Smart Service Technicians who are committed to providing tailored solutions that are designed to keep you safe while driving. Turn to us in Pompano Beach today and discover first-hand how our exceptional service keeps vehicles on the road.