Brake Repair in Des Moines

Does waning stopping power have you searching for brake repair in Des Moines? Turn to the professional Smart Service technicians at Tires Plus Car Care, who understand every inch of your braking system and can have you stopping on a dime if need be.

As a vital component to the safety of both you, your passengers and everyone else on the road, making sure that your brakes are performing well is your number one concern as a motorist. Lasting brake solutions are waiting at your local Tires Plus in Des Moines.

Your braking system cannot be ignored

Seeing as it’s difficult to identify the signs of a fading brake system, we offer our customers fast, professional and FREE brake inspection services that provide peace of mind while driving. The Smart Service technicians at Tires Plus Total Car Care can keep your brakes working well and get you back on the road quickly. Our meticulous service includes:

When it comes to service, we at Tires Plus Total Car Care are dedicated, courteous and affordable. Visit your local store in Des Moines today and ask us how we can keep your vehicle on the road - and your budget fully intact.