Auto Tune Up in Savannah

Are you shopping around for an auto tune up in Savannah to get your car back on the road? Tires Plus Total Car Care is your answer to smooth motoring, because we're dedicated to getting you back on the road.

Don't let your engine's power, performance and reliability gradually disappear: book an appointment online and find out how we can add years to the life of your vehicle in Savannah.

Exceptional maintenance, affordable service

As a key component to keeping your car running, your engine takes on a lot of stress, which is why its components have a tendency to suffer from wear and tear. If the health of your vehicle is beginning to worry you - for example: decreased mileage and power, frequent stalling and appearance of warning lights - it's time to turn to the affordable auto tune up offered in Savannah from Tires Plus Total Car Care. You can trust us for packages that include:

Standard Tune-up:

Plus Tune-up:

Premium Tune-up:

The services that we provide are more than just incredible values; they’re supported by our on-time guarantee for all appointments. Book today and discover first-hand how a finely tuned engine can purr.