Auto Tune Up in Savannah

In the market for an reliable auto tune up in Savannah that can get your vehicle running like new again? Tires Plus Total Car Care can help keep your vehicle running smoothly by offering exceptional maintenance services at budget-friendly price points to helping you book appointments that suit your schedule, we're here to assist you in any way you need.

If your engine isn't running as it used to, you can book an appointment with us in Savannah and we'll do everything we can to get it running like before.

Premium care, * problem-*free motoring

As a crucial part of your car, your engine takes on a lot of the day to day stresses of keeping it running, which is why it goes without saying that its components will begin to wear out. If the health of your vehicle is beginning to worry you - for example: decreased mileage and power, frequent stalling and appearance of warning lights - it's time to turn to the affordable auto tune up offered in Savannah from Tires Plus Total Car Care. Depending on the level of attention required, our packages include:

Standard Tune-up:

Plus Tune-up:

Premium Tune-up:

Not only are the services we offer professional and affordable, but they are also held up by our on-time guarantee. Book today and discover first-hand how a finely tuned engine can purr.