Auto Inspection in Fargo

A comprehensive auto inspection in Fargo is your first and best option when it comes to maintaining your vehicle's dependability and reducing the likelihood of expensive malfunctions. At your local Tires Plus Total Car Care, you'll find that our friendly Smart Service technicians are happy to undertake a systematic inspection of your vehicle's critical systems, from brakes to steering and suspension.

A hands-off approach to maintenance will eventually spell big trouble, so make sure you stay on top of minor issues by having your vehicle checked out by our professionals.

We're here to help

Nobody knows better than us that regular check-ups are the key to a sound running vehicle. That's why our customers can expect a complimentary visual inspection for their vehicle during each and every visit, taking tires, suspension, belts and more into account. We also recommend our Complete Vehicle Inspection for hands-on testing that examines more than 50 components plus:

Pinpoint potential problems with a comprehensive auto inspection in Fargo and find out how you can head off the need for expensive repairs. Turn to Tires Plus Total Car Care today and book a quick, convenient appointment with our Smart Service technicians for a comprehensive health check.