Auto Inspection in Hagerstown

When you arrange a thorough auto inspection in Hagerstown, you're helping to safeguard your vehicle - and your budget - against costly future repairs. Turn to the friendly Smart Service technicians at Tires Plus Total Car Care for a thorough inspections of your vehicle's most crucial components, including brakes, steering and suspension.

Left untended, minor problems can quickly spell trouble - so speak to us today to arrange a regular schedule of inspections.

Take advantage of our services

Whether your car is brand new or a classic, regular check-up are the key to keeping your car running like a dream – and nobody knows that better than us. That's why our customers can expect a complimentary visual inspection for their vehicle during each and every visit, taking tires, suspension, belts and more into account. With a more thorough Complete Vehicle Inspection, you can expect hands-on tests for over 50 components plus:

Getting a thorough auto inspection in Hagerstown is the best chance you have to avoid any underlying issues before they become costly problems. Ask your local Tires Plus Total Car Care Smart Service technicians about the health check that can benefit both your ride and your budget.