Alignment Service in Rochester

Is your vehicle in need of an alignment service in Rochester? Smart move: regular maintenance is vital for steering and suspension components, which wear out over time and ultimately have to be replaced.

Here at Tires Plus Total Car Care in Rochester, you’ll experience welcoming Smart Service technicians who have the skills, industry understanding and insight to increase the life of your vehicle by years – not to mention appointments at your convenience and, most importantly, incredible savings.

Travel straight and true

When your tires show signs of uneven wear -- or, worse, your steering pulls to one side -- it may be the case that you're in need of our trademark Straight Forward Alignment Service. Our team will take the time to conduct a thorough inspection of the relevant parts and systems, enabling you to get back on the road without any lingering worries. With our thorough yet efficient service, you can expect us to:

Tires Plus Total Car Care is about more than just great prices: we're also dedicated to making sure you have a great experience. Arrange an appointment with us today and you'll soon see why we put the PLUS into everything we do.