Alignment Service in Jacksonville

Have you noticed warning signs that you'll need to arrange an alignment service in Jacksonville before long? Smart choice: having your vehicle regularly aligned is important for both steering and suspension components, which can wear out over time and ultimately need replacing.

Regular maintenance is crucial if you want to get years of trouble-free performance from your vehicle, so arrange a convenient appointment in Jacksonville today and find out how our affordable service can prevent the need for an expensive repair job further down the road.

Drive away satisfied

When your tires show signs of uneven wear — or, worse, your steering pulls to one side — it may be the case that you're in need of our trademark Straight Forward Alignment Service. Our crews are ready to inspect your vehicle thoroughly to get you back on the road quickly and safely. Our technicians will:

At Tires Plus Total Car Care, we're committed to delivering the premium products and services you need at the affordable prices you deserve. Arrange an appointment today and find out how we put the PLUS into everything we do.